Vitus Wins Hardtail of the Year Award for the Fourth Consecutive Year


For the fourth year running, the Nucleus 27 VR and Sentier 27 VR have been awarded MBR’s Hardtail of the Year. The Belfast-based research and development team celebrates another year of making high-performance, grin inducing hardtails.


Vitus Nucleus 27 VR wins MBR’s 2019 £500 Hardtail of the Year Award



“With modern geometry and the best build kit for the money, no other bike in the sub £500 category even comes close to rivalling its supremacy — the attitude and ride quality of the Vitus having more in common with the £1k bikes.”

“As four-time winner of our sub £500 Hardtail of the Year award, the Nucleus 27 VR has rewritten our expectations of what’s possible at this price. Nothing needs changing or upgrading straight out of the box, which is exactly how it arrives.

But make no mistake, this isn’t just the best value bike here, it’s also by far the best performer. So much so, that in all of our back-to-back testing the Vitus always felt like it was in a class of its own.

To say that it’s simply stand-out is something of an understatement.” MBR Magazine


Vitus Sentier 27 VR wins MBR’s 2019 £1000 Hardtail of the Year Award


“Successfully defending its 2018 title, the handsome Vitus Sentier 27VR defies its sub £1,000 price point with a mix of the best spec, geometry and overall finish.”

“It’s a playful bike that really wants to rip; it makes you want to stoppie into turns and pull wheelies on the way out. It’s a whole load of fun.” MBR Magazine


What sets Vitus aside from the competition?


“Our development team, all of whom are passionate mountain bikers, are obsessive about ensuring our multiple award winning Sentier VR & Nucleus VR bikes perform at the high level we would want for our own bikes.

A huge focus on geometry and discerning component specification are our key to delivering a boundary pushing experience to anyone who rides a Vitus.” Vitus Product Manager, John Thompson


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