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Vitus First Tracks had a mostly successful weekend of racing in sunny but wet conditions both in Ballinastoe/Dublin and Spain.





Glyn O’Brien


“Myself and Jack rocked up to Ballinastoe wearing shorts and sunnies but trail conditions weren’t as expected. The wet winter had kept the trails in the woods slightly damp so things got wild, but that’s the way we like it! I decided to ride by Sommet CRX 27.5 this weekend, it never missed a beat and performed exceptionally well in the tough conditions. I was happy to take the win in the Veteran class and 7th overall. Fair play to Niall and the crew for a good show. Love racing!”



Jack Devlin


“Practice on Saturday went really well and I was loving the challenging conditions Ballinastoe had to offer. I had my lines dialled in and attacked from stage 1. Unfortunately this didn’t work out as I made a few mistakes and stuffed my mech into a stump on stage 2, this led to a string of mishaps. I was gutted when I had to pull out during stage 3. That’s racing they say and lessons learnt!”



Nathan McComb


Representing the Irish on the continent Nathan The Lizard McComb sent it to the top step of the podium at the Endurama Montanchez race deep in the Spanish interior.


“What a great race i really enjoyed riding somewhere new with awesome trails. with the trails having taken a beating from some heavy showers over the weekend i was loving the slippy conditions. Maybe getting a bit to loose on stage 2 resulted in 2 crashes therefore losing the 6 sec lead i built on stage one, stage 3 was the longest stage at almost 10 minutes long and being very technical i knew it was my best chance to pull out a bit of a lead, even with the traffic i managed to pass about 7 riders and not lose to much time to pull out a 20 second lead which meant i could relax again and have fun on the last 2 stages to take the overall by 8 seconds and to win one of the best prizes ever a massive leg of the best local ham. Montanchez was an amazing town with great friendly people and i cant wait to go back and ride the awesome trails.”


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