Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup 2018 dates announced



The Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup series, based in Northern Ireland has built a reputation of being one of the most fun weekend race series on the calendar. First Tracks main man Glyn O’Brien has built courses that offer Elite racing, yet ideal for your first time enduro racer.  It has 4 rounds taking riders to the hottest destinations on offer. Glyn added ” We really wanted to continue the Irish feel good factor at events so everything is really chilled until it comes to racing! It’s more of a social gathering of bikers that just want to hang out as there is camping available at every venue”


If you are thinking about something a bit different this year check out the calendar below and come visit.


Round 1 – 7/8th April – Castlewellan

Round 2 – 12/13th May – Bigwood

Round 3 – 23/24th June – Rostrevor

Round 4 – 15/16th September


Vitus First Tracks Rd 1 Sunday Race

Round 1 – Castlewellan – 7/8th April 2018

Castlewellan has a reputation as being easy but don’t be deceived. We’ve always thrown in plenty of natural trails and the best parts of the trail centre to challenge any rider. The stages will be somewhat shorter than previous races as we plan to eliminate some of the pedally trail entre finishes, but not them all!!

Main race – 6 x 2-5min stages, 20km lap, fitness 7/10, skill 7/10

Challenger – 4 x 2-5min stages, 14km lap, fitness 6/10, skill 7/10


Round 2 – Bigwood – 12/13th May 2018

Bigwood near Warrenpoint is set in the grounds of the idyllic Narrow water Castle. Always the favourite on the circuit because of the easy transitions and natural flowy singletrack. Some new sections planned as always to keep the locals on their toes.

Main race – 6 x 2-6min stages, 18km lap, fitness 6/10, skill 8/10

Challenger – 4 x 2-6min stages, 13km lap, fitness 5/10, skill 8/10


Round 3 – Rostrevor – 23/24th June 2018

Rostrevor needs little introduction. Many high profile events have made Rostrevor the epicentre for Irish mountainbikers. A mix of natural trail and trail centre with sensational views of Carlingford Lough awaits you.

Main race – 5 x 3-6min stages, 24km lap, fitness 8/10, skill 8/10

Challenger – 3 x 3-6min stages, 16km lap, fitness 6/10, skill 8/10


Round 4 – Tollymore – 15/16th September 2018

Tollymore has it all. 100% natural flowing trails will take you to every corner of the forest. Having a reputation as the best place to ride in Northern Ireland we simply cant go wrong!

Main race – 5 x 3-5min stages, 22km lap, fitness 7/10, skill 8/10

Challenger – 3 x 3-5min stages, 15km lap, fitness 6/10, skill 8/10

Vitus First Tracks Rd4 Sunday

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