Vitus Escarpe Pro 29er makes 10/10 in MBR Magazine

MBR Escarpe Pro290 SEPT 2

Big wheels keep on turning as our Escarpe 290 Pro has just taken the test win in this months (September 2015) MBR Magazine. Up against some stiff competition as an end of year bargain, the Pro 29er not only took the group test win .. it was also scored a perfect 10/10!

Commenting on the stealthy SRAM equipped 29er testers Alan Muldoon said

” If the devil truly is in the detail, then the matt black Vitus Escarpe 290 Pro was forged in the furnace of hell. The new alloy frame is up there with the best brands, and there isn’t a single component that needs changing straightaway. Just hop on board and commence trailblazing.”

He continued to say that with 25 per cent off at present , given the level of performance and kit on offer, it’s an absolute steal. We couldn’t agree more Alan!

Click on the image below to read the full review below or buy the bike HERE >>

MBR Escarpe Pro290 SEPT 610

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