Vitus Bikes attain official UCI approval

2013 Vitus Vitesse and Sean Kelly LTD Edition models are officially passed for UCI-sanctioned competition.


Vitus Bikes are pleased to announce another milestone in the company’s history, having attained official UCI approval on our 2013 Vitus Vitesse and Sean Kelly LTD Edition (below) models.

A compulsory requirement for any road, track or cyclo-cross bike used in UCI-sanctioned competition, the UCI Approved document certifies that the frame and fork meet the shape requirements set out in the UCI regulations.

To achieve official UCI approval is another huge achievement for the historic marque that Chain Reaction Cycles have worked so hard to develop since taking it on in 2010.

We continue to receive positive feedback across the whole range from customers and cycling media alike, and to get the thumbs-up from the UCI means that our high-end Vitesse and Sean Kelly bikes are suitable for racing at the highest level of competition!

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