Ride For A Reason : Seven Day World Record

The pursuit of a Guinness World Record  #RideForAReason

James Golding has not achieved a World 7 day Record but he has won the hearts and mind of many people following Ride For A Reason.! 

The ‘reason’ was always to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and to inspire others to take on challenges for the same charity. After all if he could do this after what he’s survived, then
anyone could. The record over the proposed route from St Malo to Nice and back was just the hook. And the reason why the 7 day record still stands is that this is a genuinely hard record to
break for any rider. Seeing James Golding sit for 3 days at 32kph for over 200miles a day shows just how hard this record is to break and just how superhuman he is. 5 years ago James couldn’t
walk, had only just survived cancer against the odds, and underwent chemotherapy & radiotherapy again 2 years ago for another tumour.

Ultimately knee, leg, and back pain with strong headwinds conspired to make Ride For A Reason’s 7 day world record unattainable on this occasion. But James’ ride has become another chapter
about an incredibly driven and inspiring individual who just never gives up and his constant desire to give back to the charity that supported his family through his toughest times.
James would like to thank his sponsors and incredible support team for their part in this fundraising event, which initially spanned the north coast of France to the south coast in just 3 days and
reached 900 miles within the first 4 days. The decision to turn around some 200km short of Nice was made by the team as a whole due in part to safety reasons and the fact that this point was
also the moment where 3.5 days passed. Progress had been severely hampered by holiday traffic where James was constantly dropping his support vehicles and had been battling against severe
winds for the last 100km of day 3. However most importantly, James wanted Ride For A Reason to remain a journey about heading back to the starting point of St Malo and to continue his work for
MacMillan. However, after 5 days progress was extremely slow and painful and the team decided to pull James off his bike, having covered just over 1100 miles in total.

On day 6 James wanted to continue so took to the road once more, however the team once again had to take the decision to pull him off his bike as he was clearly in a lot of pain with progress becoming slower.
The only miss in all of this is that James isn’t rewarded with a World record, but as a fundraising event for MacMillan Cancer, Ride For A Reason remains and will continue to be a huge success.
James survived cancer twice, he completed his ride across America on the second attempt after being hit by a truck in the first attempt, and he will make a second attempt at the 7 day record.

The whole event was filmed and a short film will be created to help James continue in raising awareness for MacMillan. You can find out more at www.rideforareason.org

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