Meet Wolfpack Adventures – Vitus Global Brand Ambassadors

Vitus are delighted to announce the signing of Wolfpack Adventures as global brand ambassadors for 2019. Alex Holowko, Amanda Dexter and their white german shepherd Kai don’t live a conventional lifestyle choosing to live in their motor-home and explore what the world has to offer. They will be travelling the world on their Vitus bikes inspiring others to get out and RIDEMORE.

Alex Holowko:

Why I Ride

I’ve ridden bikes for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the few things that puts a massive grin on my face – the kind of grin that’s impossible to get rid of!

Plans For This Year

2019 is set to be a year crammed full of worldwide adventures, races, and all-round good times with good people on two wheels. I can’t wait to get going and share the whole journey with you guys!


Life in The Motorhome

If you didn’t already know, me, Amanda and Kai – our BIG white wolf – live in a motorhome full time. It’s an ‘alternative’ way to live – that’s one thing for sure! And yes…it’s a challenge at times, but for me, the good times, freedom, and opportunities far outweigh any other way of living.

Vitus Bikes!

I’m really keen to see what we can pull out the bag this year working with Vitus. The bikes are solid. They ride like no other, and they look sexy AF! What’s not to get excited about? I couldn’t be happier with the setup and support we’ve got for 2019. Cheers to everyone involved – let’s get this show on the road!  PS. ‘Vitus’ is pronounced ‘Vee-Tus’ 🙂 


Amanda Dexter:

Why I Ride

Hey! I’m Amanda and I’ve pretty much grown up travelling the world. I met Alex and discovered bikes so we decided to do it together in a motorhome so we could take Kai on all our adventures as well! Kai – my fluffy white german shepherd – has been through thick and thin. But nothing will stop him chasing us down the trails at full speed – he loves bikes just as much as we do 🙂

At first, bikes were just something fun we all did together. But now I ride because I love the way it makes me feel when I’m out exploring the world – not to mention the feeling of progression of my skills on the bike too!

Plans For This Year

To travel, explore and just have fun on the bikes! We plan to meet up and ride with loads of new people so get it touch if you want to come for a ride and meet Kai of course – he’d be more than happy for you to come say hi…as long as you have food 😉

Vitus Bikes!

I’m excited to work alongside Vitus this year as it’s great to be inspiring people on a bike brand that has an accessible range for everyone – especially people looking to get into the sport. I’m super keen to keep motivating people to get into mountain biking and see how much value it can bring to their lives…so it’s a really great fit for us


Wolfpack Adventures Youtube

Alex Holowko Instagram

Amanda Dexter Instagram


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